Music Day UK - 21 June 2013

Here's to Music Day 2014!

The first real year of Music Day celebrations in the UK took place in 2013 and saw 20 events, from Belfast to Jersey, with people taking some time out to celebrate the universal language of music!

Check out some photos from events in 2013

We are pushing ahead to the event in 2014. It's always on the same date, and this year it falls on a Saturday - so there's no excuse not to get involved!

Perhaps you could organise or play at an event yourself? In April 2014 we will have our new system online where you can register as either a Host or a Performer.
In the meantime, send us an email and we will be back in touch shortly.

Music Day UK is an umbrella group whose goal is to raise awareness about the Music Day concept and, where possible, assist others in organising their own particular contribution. We will publicise all events equally through our website, Facebook and Twitter pages and the UK press.

We do not organise any of the events ourselves - that job is up to you!
You can now pledge to make a contribution via a form on our Get Involved page. We will be adding any events to an interactive map on this homepage.

MUSIC DAY is a connected set of FREE PUBLIC EVENTS
which takes place each year on the 21st June
in more than 104 countries and 514 cities around the world!

The event is also known as Fête de la Musique (or World Music Day) and originated in France in 1982. Since then the idea has spread across the globe with each event holding to the same set of principles: that the day is held on the mid-summer solstice and that all concerts and events are free to the public with a non-profit making objective.

Typically this means that the music
is brought out ONTO THE STREETS
though venues are also encouraged to get in on the act!

Go to the photos section to see pictures
from Fête de la Musique around the world

2013 was the first year that the UK made a co-ordinated contribution towards Music Day, with around 20 events stretching from Belfast to Jersey. We believe that this number will grow exponentially in 2014-2015 as both dates fall on a weekend.

We are asking everyone to think about how they can participate
in a UK contribution to Music Day

whether that be performing, organising an event,
convincing a venue to take their music outside
or lending your time and equipment for free.

If you can be part of the music or simply want to attend the events and enjoy yourself then collaborate with your friends and colleagues and motivate as many people as you can to take part. The UK can then truly embrace the amazing phenomenon known as Music Day!


We have a Mixcloud page where each month we will be sharing some great DJ mixes which reflect the spirit of Music Day.
However, you will have to check back here if you want to download them...
08 by RONIN
07 by JERRY at Old Street Studios
05 by LO DAFOE
04 by RONIN
02 by RONIN
01 by RONIN

We are now the UK hub for the international Music Day movement, as coordinated by the original group in France, under their Fete de la Musique banner.

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We now have some how-to guides linked from our links page.

2012 PICS
One event took an impromptu stage of bands and acoustic musicians
to the pavements outside the legendary ex-Foundry pub in Shoreditch, London.
Click here to see some pics from that event


Here we have some documentation of past Music Day events in the UK, and some inspirational shots from around the world. All links open in a separate window.

Music Day UK 2013

Music Day UK 2012

Fete de la Musique events around the world (various years)


Some inspirational ideas for Music Day events

Music Day is about creating a tangible presence of music throughout the whole day, wherever you are. It isn't about any specific forms of performance or musical style or setting. In fact, Music Day is about an active sharing of different cultures from Britain and the rest of the world, with an emphasis on participation and hosted in an open and accessible way.

In Europe, under the names Fete de la Musique (accents) or World Music Day, this tradition has been going on since as far back as 1982. In many countries the celebrations take place on the streets and in public spaces. The current situation in the UK is a little different and more awkward to manage, so we understand that many people are put off by the amount of red-tape involved in, for example, staging even a small event in a public park.

Other people may also be confused about what kind of event they could organise, or where to hold it. That is why this Ideas Page exists - to stir up your grey matter and hopefully inspire some ideas of your own!

Think outside the box
Anywhere can be a potential stage for a small Music Day performance – parks, street corners, cafe terraces, rooftops, underpasses, playgrounds you name it!

Amateur music groups
Music Day is an accessible and level playing field for amateur musicians to hold what might be their first concert. Organise your own music group, or other local groups, to have a concert on the street outside your place of rehearsal or elsewhere in town.

Open doors
Fete de la Musique wasn't the only great idea to come over the Channel - 'Port Ouverte' or 'Open Doors' is when many places who may not usually be accessible to the public make the switch for a day. Invite people to see your building and have them enjoy a concert whilst they do.

The centre of your community
In many villages, towns and cities the village green, the commons and the town squares have gradually seen a decline in use. Why not use Music Day as a great excuse to bring some flair and excitement to the centre of your community?

Youth and school concerts
The future of music in the UK of course lies with our youth. A Music Day concert in the school playground, or outside the gates, can be a focal point for the music students to work towards.

Learn to play an instrument
Though many Music Day events will take the form of concerts it is also about getting your hands dirty and picking up an instrument. Perhaps you can organise a practical workshop for the budding musicians out there.

Learn to make an instrument
Why stop at simply *playing* an instrument? Music Day is also about education and the daytime can host workshops, lectures and discussions. One idea would be to gather recycled materials and help people build an instrument that is ready to show its colours at an evening concert.

A minute's noise
In the 21st century our notions of music are fully stretched and now encompass many forms of sonic artistry. Perhaps you can gather a flashmob somewhere public and have one minute's worth of noise for the living!

Exploring new cultures
After all, it is international Music Day - so a big part of what takes place is the opportunity to seek out and discover vibrant musical cultures from around the globe. It makes sense then that this is a perfect platform for you to present your own culture as well. Cuban Black-Metal with Alpine influences anyone?

And into the night...
It doesn't have to wind down at sundown on what is the longest day of the year. As night creeps in the party can move to venues, clubs and bars and continue till dawn. Perhaps you can rally together other venues in your locality and create 'a crawl'. The events would have to be free-entry, but that doesn't stop you covering costs with the bar, merchandise or competitions.






Let us know what you are doing for Music Day 2014...

We are going to implement and a more slick and automated system for this year's event in April. It will allow you to register as either a venue or a musician and enable us to easily pair the two up, based on proximity, time to play etc.

Click here to join our mailing list and we will let you know when our new system is active.

The Music Day UK coordinating group would love to hear from members of the press as one of our main objectives is to raise awareness about the Music Day phenomenon. The materials on this page would also be of use to anyone trying to spread the word about Music Day in general.

Click to download our current Press Release

Please email us via the Contact page for any further information not in our pack or to arrange an interview with a member of our core team. We will also soon have some more detailed listings available for events which are early enough to be included.

On the day itself we will enlist freelance professionals to document certain events. This material will be available for the press to use post-event and will be uploaded here in due course. We of course encourage members of the press to make their own reporting and documentation.

If you need help to promote your Music Day event then you will find what you are looking for on our Resources Page.

We know that the easy part of creating a Music Day event is that initial spark of enthusiasm and your decision to get involved. But where do you go from there?

Taking the bold move to organise an event in a public space, or in a venue which doesn't already hold a licence, often leads you into a quandary. There can be a great deal of forms to fill out and new lingo to decipher.

This is one of the things that our co-ordinating group will campaign to change in the future, but for now what we can do is to try and ease the pain of all that red-tape.

Here is a checklist of all the things you may need to stage your event and below that are some documents and links to assist you:

  • Permission or licence to use a space
  • Temporary Events Notice (TEN) for music/entertainment or food/drink sales
  • Public liability insurance
  • Adequate staffing
  • Amplification and audio equipment
  • Transport
  • Staging/fencing/electricity supply
  • Health & safety measures
  • Promotion
  • Music!

We are in the process of developing our own guides and templates which will assist you in filing some of the necessary paperwork for public events. In the mean time here are some useful inks which can help:
Event Management Plan (and general event planning guide)
Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Site Plan


Audio hire, infrastructure, vehicle hire etc. local to you:
Local Business Directory
Thomson Local

Fundraising ideas:
Until we complete this section you could try talking to local businesses and see if they will support your event. There is nothing stopping you from obtaining private sponsorship as long as your event is free and open to the public.

Events licence:
Temporary Events Notices (TEN) in England & Wales

Public Liability Insurance:
Try this Google search until we can recommend a particular insurer.

For 'how-to' information on organising street events:
The Street Party site

For further helpful info for Londoners:
London Events Toolkit

If you think there might be another way that we can assist you, please contact the Music Day UK group via the Contact page.

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